Bee Run Hollow

An organic, biodiverse, family farm located in West County 

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Daniel Kedan & Marianna Gardenhire began their farm in the Summer of 2017.  After growing food on a smaller scale for many years, they knew it was time for their garden to grow into a farm.  With an amazing opportunity, they were able to move their farm project to Sebastopol.  



We believe everything should live in harmony and balance.  Keeping our soil healthy, planting hedgerows and promoting biodiversity through nature, enables us to create a thriving environment.  


The Birds & The Bees

Part of keeping biodiversity on the farm, is adding livestock.  Our farm is currently home to a flock of heritage chickens, as well as many bee hives.  We look forward to bringing more animals onto the farm in the years to come.


Grow It!

From our fruit orchard to our vegetable crops, and everything in between.  In the next year, we will be expanding our hops project, as well as our olive orchard.  Each new year brings a new chapter here at the hollow.


Visit Us!

We offer farm & cooking classes year around, as well as private events.  Contact us directly for more information: or follow us by clicking on the 'visit us' button above