Backyard is a seasonal, sustainable restaurant nestled in the small town of Forestville, California. We draw our inspiration from Sonoma County, with all of its amazing bounties; orchards, farms, ranchers, foragers and fisherman. Every fruit, vegetable and animal is grown, raised or line caught locally. We value community and the moral, ethical practices of sustainability — which shine through in every dish.

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Our menu features whole animal butchery from local ranchers, house made sausages, charcuterie, pasta, vegetarian cuisine, local beer and wine, our famous buttermilk fried chicken & New Haven style pizza.  With our farm, Bee Run Hollow, located just a few miles away, we are able to truly share with you the season's harvest.  

Dine with us, or grab a box of our buttermilk fried chicken to-go & enjoy at your destination.  


With our style of rustic, California cuisine, in a West Sonoma County fashion, we are able to create seasonal menus that change daily as the lush bounties of our surroundings provide. Backyard's mission is to bring the experience of Sonoma County's backyard to your table.

CHEF DANIEL KEDAN and CHEF MARIANNA GARDENHIRE met at the Culinary Institute of America in 2006, and the now husband/wife team have been sharing stories, recipes, and ideas for their passion of food, sustainability and community since.

During late spring of 2012, they decided it was time to take the "leap of faith" and open their own restaurant, where they call home,  Sonoma County. Having the good fortune of working locally over the past few years, they have individually, as well as together, built amazing foundations within the community.

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